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Is your dream to become an industry-recognised tax expert, a person valued by your peers and trusted by your clients?  If you enjoy being challenged and tested on your skills and development, this position is meant for you.  To be part of the Unicus Tax Team, a powerhouse of skills and expertise, will allow you to broaden your knowledge and skills for you to achieve your goals.  We work as a team, collaborating, evolving and strengthening personal skills and knowledge to achieve the unachievable.   If you are willing to learn and open to new opportunities, we are committed to empowering and developing you into one of the best.


Includes the following and mainly for corporates or natural persons who carry on a business and across various tax types:

Tax Consulting
  • Drafting and submission of objections appeals and other tax dispute related documents;
  • Drafting of tax opinions;
  • Drafting and submission of VDP applications;
  • Drafting and submission of Advance Tax Ruling Applications;
  • Various tax calculations (This does not mean preparing tax computations for companies and individuals as part of a tax return completion or submission process. These are typically calculations for purposes of a VDP, an opinion or a dispute)

Minimum Requirements - Qualification

We require the person to have a hunger for knowledge and a driving force to achieve their goals.

tax health reviews
  • Must have written and passed the EISA exam in 2022, 2023 or writting the 2024 EISA exam
  • Must have a post graduate qualification in tax from a recognised institution

Essential Skills

At Unicus Tax we collectively strive to ensure our clients get the best value and expertise available in the market, and for you to contribute to this goal we will require you to have:

SARS Voluntary Disclosure Program
  • The ability to read with comprehension;
  • Good writing skills;
  • The knowledge to do tax calculations of high complexity (guidance will be provided);
  • The ability to think critically;
  • A passion for tax;
  • An understanding that tax is law and that practicing tax law is not about reading what SARS says on their website and relaying that to other people.


Understatement Penalties
  • Performance incentives
  • Flexible working hour policy
  • Work from home policy

If this for you?

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