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We have a 100% success rate in resolving disputes with SARS to the benefit of our clients. We also have a 100% VDP success rate. Look at some of our recent achievements.

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Our founder is the author of Lexis Nexis’ publication titled: Practical Guide to Handling Tax Disputes. He is part time lecturer on tax dispute resolution at post graduate level at the University of Pretoria and WITS. He chairs the South African Institute of Tax Practitioner’s (SAIT)  Tax Administration Work Group, presents training in collaboration with the Tax Faculty on Tax Dispute Resolution, has his own CPD accredited training platform and also trains other tax professionals across South Africa at the request of SAIT


Our clients include large international organisations, JSE-listed companies, high net-worth individuals and audit and law firms who come to us to solve their clients’ tax problems. Our unique approach has enabled us to save clients literally hundreds of millions of rands in undue taxes and penalties.

Our Founder

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Nico Theron

Chartered Tax Advisor (SA) BCom law (Cum laude); LLM (Tax Law); BCom Honours Taxation and MCom Taxation (SA and International Tax)).

“Someone once told me that there is only one golden rule in life – he who holds the gold, makes the rules. In South Africa as a country, that “person” is SARS to a large extent and to a large extent, SARS does make the rules. It should be no surprise then that having a fighting chance against the “rule maker” requires exceptional level of skill. Not average. Not above average. Exceptional! We are a tax exclusive service firm meaning we devote all our attention and time to tax and only to tax. Our 100% success rate is testament to the fact that this is what it takes to “break” the rule maker. “

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The Role of

Tax Consultants in South Africa

Tax consultants play a vital role in South Africa’s tax system. They provide expert advice and assistance to individuals and businesses on tax-related matters.

Role of a Tax Consultant

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) administers the tax system in South Africa. Taxpayers, whether individuals, businesses or trusts, are required to comply with tax laws and regulations. However, tax laws and regulations can be complex, and some taxpayers may need expert advice and assistance. This is where tax consultants come in – they provide expert advice and assistance on tax-related matters to individuals and businesses.

Importance of Tax Consultants:

Tax specialists are an important part of the South African tax system as they provide expert advice and assistance to taxpayers. They help taxpayers to comply with tax laws and regulations, minimize their tax liability, and avoid penalties for non-compliance. Moreover, tax consultants keep themselves updated with the latest tax laws and regulations, and provide expert advice to their clients accordingly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tax Specialist:

When choosing a tax consultant, taxpayers should consider various factors. Firstly, taxpayers should ensure that the tax consultant is registered with a professional body, such as the South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT). Secondly, taxpayers should consider the experience and expertise of the tax consultant in their specific industry or tax field. Other factors that should be considered include the reputation of the tax consultant, their availability and responsiveness, and their approach to client service.

We are Different


No amount of theory or pages from any textbook alone can solve your tax problem. We are known for our ability to use our exceptional tax knowledge in a practical way by drawing from our years of experience to solve the problem.


Solving problems in practical way often requires forward thinking. From the moment we accept an engagement we think of a strategy that will resolve the problem as quickly and easily as possible. We don’t want matters to drag on anymore than you do.


To do what we do, you certainly need to be tenacious. If one were to bow out at the first sight of push back from SARS– well, then don’t expect to go very far. We stop pushing for resolution of a case only once it has been resolved or if it no longer makes sense to pursue it further.


If there is nothing that can be done (or plenty but it doesn’t make economic sense to pursue it), we are going to tell you, whether you like it or not.

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