We Specialise

Why Do We Specialise?

We don’t espouse to the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none”. Our thing is tax and only tax which is why we are masters of the professional world of tax advice. We don’t do accounting, auditing and don’t get involved in areas of law other than tax law. In fact, whilst we know how to, we don’t even do any tax compliance work (ie. we don’t render services such as tax return completion services). Whilst we do, from time to time, give tax advice in the form of expressing tax opinions or applying to SARS for rulings, we mainly specialize in tax dispute resolution (i.e. preventing SARS from taking too much money) and Voluntary Disclosure Program applications (i.e. helping taxpayer avoid the “wrath of SARS” for paying SARS too little money). We specialise in these areas because (a) they are really challenging and (b), in our view, these are some of the most practical areas of tax law – where tax really could have an (even more) adverse effect on taxpayer’s lives and businesses and when theories, concepts and ideas about tax are put to the test in the real world and not just on a piece of paper.