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Why work at Unicus Tax

Unicus tax is a tax exclusive services firm. This means tax services is not a byproduct/support service of some other service offering. We do tax and only tax! 

In addition, we hardly ever do any tax compliance work. Being a tax consultant at Unicus Tax is about much more than filling out forms all day long or about doing “tax audits” or “tax accrual reviews” day in and day out. Having said that, candidates typically need to know how to do these things.  

Your knowledge of tax law will be stretched across multiple tax disciplines and tax types on a daily basis in challenging factual scenarios. Our typical clients don’t come to us with run-of-the-mil issues or run-of-the-mil transactions nor are they looking for run-of-the-mil professionals.   

If you want to develop into a truly tax specialised professional, to apply your knowledge of tax law, to learn from recognised tax professionals, to build a solid tax career, want exposure to unique and interesting transactions, then Unicus Tax is where you ought to be. 


What do we offer you?

The opportunity to practice tax at a truly specialised level and to learn from recognised tax experts.  If your main goal of finding a job is just do something between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00 (or to pretend to do something at home between 09:00 and 17:00), make friends and just have some jolly old fun all the time then we are afraid to say you unlikely to find happiness here.  Our joy mainly comes from our passion for what we do and the consequential results we achieve for our clients.   

Having said that, we are not entirely “tax zombies” who slave behind legislation, case law and computer screens with no regard for anything else in life.   

We do have fun also. Heck, we play “cricket” in the hallway from time to time, we have social events and we have fairly fiercely contested “ping pong” competitions. But these things quite simply always come second to work.

To sum up, if your main source of joy in the workplace is not the actual work you are doing, we have very little to offer you. If it is, then you will find working with us very rewarding! 

Current Opportunities

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