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Problem Solvers!

Tax problems come in different shapes and forms and has a wide variety of origins – your accountant/auditor messed up, you messed up, SARS is being ridiculous , you didn’t know about this or that, cashflow issues – the list goes on and we have seen and heard them all. In the end though, SARS is going to knock at your door (regardless of the source of the problem) and that’s the problem we focus on solving and we’ve done it many times. Check out some of our recent achievements below.  

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What makes us different

We are known for tackling unsolvable cases, the ones that are technically difficult and almost impossible to win.  We are a leading tax consulting firm in South Africa, and we pride ourselves on the quality and reliable tax services we offer to both individual and corporate clients. With our vast experience in the field of taxation, we have been providing our clients with comprehensive tax solutions for more than a decade.

Our team of tax professionals has an in-depth understanding of the South African tax system, offering an innovative and client-centred approach to handling tax matters.  We strive to provide tailored solutions to meet each client’s unique requirements, backed by years of experience and expertise. This approach sets us apart from others in the industry, making us a trusted and reliable tax consulting partner to all our clients.

One of the notable aspects of our teams is our focus on staying up to date with the latest regulatory changes. We employ highly skilled professionals who stay abreast of all the recent changes in tax laws, policies, and regulations. This enables us to provide clients with accurate and timely advice that complies with all the relevant laws.

Our success can be attributed to our commitment to excellence, professionalism, and quality; see some of our achievements below.

Some of our Achievements

Wall Art 1 (Prined) - ASSISTANCE WITH AUDIT FROM SARS - R 70,481,241.00
Wall Art 11 - (Printed) - OBJECTION AND APPEAL - R 11,593,136.42
Wall Art 12 - (Printed) - OBJECTION AND APPEAL - R 426,953,172.62

Industry Recognised Expert

Meet Our Founder

Nico Portrait 2

Nico Theron

Chartered Tax Adviser (SA)

We were founded and are managed by Nico Theron Chartered Tax Adviser (SA) BCom Law (cum laude), LLM (Tax Law), BCom Honours Taxation, MCom Taxation (SA and International Tax)). With over a decade of practical tax experience we can comfortably deal with tax at a practical and deeply specialised level.

Nico is an industry recognised tax expert, often training other tax professionals across South Africa at the request of the South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT) and the Tax Faculty, lectures tax at post graduate level at the University of Pretoria, and is also the author of Practical Guide to Handling Tax Disputes, a book published by Lexis Nexis regarding all the remedies available to taxpayers to challenge SARS’ assessments and decisions. Nico also serves on SAIT’ Tax Administration Technical Work Group.

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How do we work

  • Our fee structures for disputes take any one of three forms, to wit:
  • Fees based on professional time spent only.
    • When we engage on this basis, we will charge based on time spent at our respective hourly rates. 
    • We will, insofar as reasonably possible, provide you with a quote for expected time to be spent in assisting with your case at our respective hourly rates in advance.  
  • Fees based on professional time spent plus a success fee.
      • When we engage on this basis, we charge based on time spent in working on your case in the same way as in the first fee structure above and will, in addition to fees based on time spent, charge a success fee but only if the case is successfully resolved. The success fee will be the LOWER of a percentage of the saving or an amount equal to the fees charged based on time spent.   
      • We will provide a quote in advance insofar as is reasonably possible. 

  • Success fee only.
    • When we engage on this basis, we do not charge for time spent and will only charge if and to the extent the dispute is resolved successfully. If successfully resolved we charge a percentage of the saving achieved, which percentage we will agree with you on in advance.  

We are geared to deal with a tax dispute at almost any stage during a dispute with SARS, whether that be at objection or appeal or litigation.  Whichever option we work on will be discussed and agreed upon prior to project commencement.  Please feel free to contact our offices to hear which fee structure applies to your case and to get a quote from us. 

If you would like to meet us, click here and we will set up an introductory call with one of our senior team members – we won’t charge you for this as it is just an introduction. We are very transparent about our fees – you will never get a surprise invoice from us. You are also welcome to complete our brief wizard here if you want to send us more detail about your enquiry – again, we don’t charge for working through the brief at a high level. We shall make contact with you to set out fees and process – again, we are very transparent about fees with our clients.

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