save me as an Icon

Quick and Easy access from home screen

It will be very convenient just to have this application on your phone for quick and easy access, we will explain to you how to save the application directly to your phone

Andriod Users

Open chrome and navigate to application Home Page.  Drop down the menu by tapping the screen’s three dot icon at the top right hand corner.

Home Screen Image 1

Select Add to Home Screen. Then you will be able to edit the title of the icon.  When you are satisfied with a name you will remember tap Add to transfer it to the home screen

Home Screen Image 2

You can now return to your home screen and move the icon as you wish.

Home Screen Image 3

Iphone Users

Open safari and navigate to the application Home Page.  Tap the Share menu button

Home Screen Image 1

In the menu, scroll down to Add to Home Screen

Home Screen Image 2.3

If you wish to you can edit the title. Tap Add

Home Screen Image 3

The Icon is now available on your home screen.

Home Screen Image 4