SARS Decision Revision

SARS Decision Revision

Not all of SARS' decisions are subject to the SARS objection and appeal process (see SARS objections and appeals). Taxpayers may nevertheless be aggrieved by a decision taken by SARS. In these cases, taxpayers can request, what is called, a 'section 9 review' of SARS' decision.

Examples of decisions not subject to objection and appeal include:

All the above decisions (and more) are challengeable in terms of a section 9 review. A section 9 reviews in essence entails that a SARS official or senior SARS official reconsiders a previous decision taken by SARS. The process is often a more practical and more economical alternative to having SARS’ decisions reviewed under the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act.

It, however, does require considerable technical knowledge of the applicable tax law and also an understanding of the process to be followed to ensure the intended end is eventually achieved.

Our founder, Nico Theron, authored the book, Practical Guide to Handling Tax Disputes in which he discusses, amongst other things, this remedy. We know exactly what this remedy entails and how and when to use it. We also have a very high success rate with this remedy.

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