Individual Tax Returns

Our individual tax return services are exclusively for
high net worth individuals (HNWI)

Are you a High Net Worth Individual?

You qualify as a HNWI and therefore to make use of our tax return services if :

  • Your gross income exceeds or is equal to R7m per annum; or
  • You have a NAV of R75m or more

We do not just fill out tax forms

The individual tax return submission process has been very well streamlined by SARS over the last few years and for most taxpayers, the submission of an individual tax return is very simple. This is not the case though for most, if not all HNWI. As a HNWI, you don’t need someone who only understands how to fill in a form. Almost anybody can do that. What you need is someone who has a deeply rooted understanding of tax law and tax risks and who sees the form for what it is – the place where you give effect to the interpretation of tax law, the thing that needs to be completed and filed once all the tax issues and risks have been thoroughly considered, analyzed and addressed. It is this process (the process that precedes the actual submission of the form) where we add value – not the completion of a form.

We deal with the post submission enquiries

The individual tax compliance process starts getting more involved after submission of the form with audits, verifications, additional assessments penalties etc. In light of your financial status, you get the benefit of a more customised SARS process but this also entitles you to a more customised enforcement process. In short, this means, your audit or verification is likely to be more involved and targeted, as we are sure you know by now. You need someone who can effectively and efficiently deal with this – that’s us.

As a HNWI, you are likely registered (or should be registered) at SARS’ Large Business Centre. This means you enjoy certain benefits associated with a more customised service from SARS. It also means you are under the microscope (perhaps more so than other taxpayers) of SARS specialists. What you need then is a specialist tax advisor to ensure not only that you are compliant, but also that you do not pay too much tax and to ensure you can fight fire with fire if the need arises.  We are deeply specialised, thoroughly experienced and suitable qualified to make our individual tax return service available exclusively for HNWI, especially in light of the fact that tax considerations of your tax returns traverse more than just the field of personal income tax. 

 We do not have set rates for the completion of tax returns. Our fees are based on time spent at a rate between R1 200 (exc. VAT) and R3 000 (excl. VAT) per hour depending on the complexity of the work required. Initial consultations are free once we have verified that you qualify for this our individual tax return service.

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Why Choose us:

We are expert tax specialists with a vast amount of experience. Our experience and tax exclusive policy places us the forefront of tax law. If you have a tax problem/issue, chances are we have dealt it before and know how to handle it to your best advantage.

Expert Tax Specialists

We do not do auditing, accounting or any type of work other than tax. We are truly specialised and indeed experts in the field of tax. If you need a true tax expert, we are the people to speak to.

Fast turnaround

One of our main drivers is to be efficient. Our experience places us in a position to provide high quality deliverables and faster turnaround times.

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