No Success No Fee

There is always some for of risk

This is what we do

Most disputes with SARS revolve around some form of tax liability SARS either has raised or intends to raise. Few people are willing to risk throwing good money after bad money, so to speak, by employing experts to defend them against SARS and thereby ending up being out of pocket more than what they would have been if they had just settled the tax liability without disputing it. This is exacerbated by the fact that few tax liabilities SARS raise can be guaranteed to be incorrect or otherwise not payable.

As tax dispute experts, we understand this. We also know that simply making peace with the tax liability and paying it without trying to dispute it is not an easy decision to make (and will in many cases, in our experience, be ill advised in any event).”

Our Approach

That is why we have a fee structure available (subject to our acceptance of your case on this structure) where your liability towards us for fees to defend you against SARS will either be Rnil or a fraction of the tax liability or intended tax liability – aka, a success fee. In simple terms, if we accept your case on a no success no fee basis you will only have to pay us if and when we are successful. Not only does this mean that your total exposure to our fees is capped, it effectively also means we are taking a part of the financial risk of fighting the case against SARS with you. We walk the walk and don’t just talk the talk.

Whilst we do recover expenses borne by us in pursuance of your case on this fee structure regardless of the outcome of your case, you will be made aware of any such expenses in advance. Case acceptance on our success fee basis is at our sole discretion. For alternative fee structures, click learn more

Our Team

Our tax dispute resolution team is headed up by the founder of Unicus Tax Specialists SA and the Unicus Tax Academy, Nico Theron (BCom Law (cum laude); BCom Honours Taxation; MCom Taxation (SA and international tax)), a chartered Tax Advisor (SA), who has over a decade of experience in taxation and is also the author of the book on Tax Disputes titled Practical Guide To Handling Tax Disputes (published by the global leader in legal information, Lexis Nexis). In addition to being a guest lecturer on tax dispute resolution at the University of Pretoria and Wits at honours and masters level, Nico is also the lead presenter in the Professional Certificate in Tax Dispute resolution offered in conjunction with the Tax Faculty. Being a respected specialist in the field of tax dispute resolution, Nico also presents practical training on tax dispute resolution to lawyers, auditors, accountants and other tax professionals across South Africa at the request of the South African Institute of Tax Professionals from time to time, whose Tax Administration Work Group he also chairs. His success rate in resolving tax disputes in favour of taxpayers is nothing short of impeccable. Nico is supported mainly by Wikus Swart, a qualified Tax Advisor who, prior to joining Unicus was an auditor at SARS for several years.