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SARS today released their latest service charter. In it, SARS states that they will do certain things within certain time periods, for example: pay out refunds within 72 hours in 90% of cases under certain circumstances;conclude audits within 90 business days in 90% of cases in certain circumstances; andmake a

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PART 1 OF 4: SETTING THE SCENE The niches of tax procedural law require careful consideration before launching any form of challenge against SARS. Get the procedure wrong and the taxpayer’s case is likely to suffer catastrophic and perhaps even fatal consequences, let alone spilled cost and time. In this

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PART 2 OF 4: THE 2009 OBJECTION AND REDUCED ASSESSMENT REQUESTS As evident from part 1 of this series of articles, the history of the dispute between the taxpayer and SARS in the case of L’Avenir Wine Estate (Pty) Ltd v C:SARS (16112/2021) [2022] ZAWCHC 28 (11 March 2022) shows

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